Hi and thanks for looking at my nude art work. I am always looking for beautiful women who are comfortable posing nude. Some of my work pays as I offer small group shoots. Payment offers depends on models over all look. All models will be asked to do a brief UNPAID test shoot which will include nudes. This to see their current size, weight and look. My group sessions not only offer cash but a makeover and cool photos that models can add too or start their portfolios with.

Just so it is clear. I am not a agent or manager or agency. I do not promise any model work and the test shoot is no guarantee or promise of work. Because it has been a issue for some models I will add I am African American. I also no longer have a car so I may need to ride with models or I may rent a car. Please also be aware I do not have a fancy studio with assistants. Review my work. Decide if it is for you.